Euro Pacific Medical is a strategic medical marketing firm based in Shanghai P.R.C. We have worked within many of the finest medical and health care markets such as Neurology, Trauma, and Dental. We represent unique “best of” technologies and companies who understand the importance of penetrating the world’s largest and fastest growing market.

Euro Pacific Medical specializes in unique blended medical technologies that provide a new level of efficacy and success in treatment of a wide array of medical conditions, such as:

  • Inter-operative surgical imaging and navigation technologes.
  • New 3-D imaging technologies for early and more accurate tumor diagnosis.
  • Alternative epilepsy treatments for patients with pharmaceutical resistance.
  • Quality of life technologies for patients' life improvement.
  • Quantum cellular resonance products that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to the body's inherent biofield.
  • Best of class dental products produced from the world's purest German and Japanese raw materials ensuring best appearance, long product life, the best functionality, healthy patients.
  • Euro Pacific Medical specializes in bringing together the unique talents of its seasoned directors and management for the benefit of our clients in the most important global marketplaces.

    Through our network of public and private hospitals, physicians, health centers and investors Euro Pacific Medical can assure foreign manufacturers and clients successful entry into this highly desired yet elusive Chinese market.

    Through our strong sales team, seasoned European based directors, managers, clinical specialists, and regulatory/reimbursement specialists, Euro Pacific Medical can help U.S. and Chinese medical companies break into the European medical market with a minimum of red tape and investment.

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